Women on the Move

Women on the Move is a program created by Samaritan to provide environments of encouragement and inspiration for women who have become disenfranchised by life’s challenges. Hourly sessions are facilitated by trained counselors, bi-weekly and/or monthly, based upon participants’ availability. Areas of discussion have included: types of boundaries and responsibility that accompany them; recognizing and managing stress; health and happiness; and setting goals and facing fears, just to name a few. Samaritan work in collaboration with women facilities such as the Joy House and Salvation Army. Philanthropists who understand the needs faced by women in our community provide funding for this program. Donations for the program are welcome.



If you are interested in receiving Women on the Move services for your organization, please contact Sharron Jewell by phone at (414) 586-4250, or email at sharron.jewell@ctkbc.org.